"When Jesus Christ calls on us to renounce all for His sake, it is not His intention to leave us friendless or without comfort but to fill up the vacuum in our hearts with Himself--that is, with delights far surpassing any the world could bestow and with happiness such as the inhabitants of Heaven alone can enjoy."

Venerable Catherine McAuley

Vow of Poverty Vow of Chastity Vow of Obedience Vow of Service


The Sisters dedicate their lives to God by a special consecration, rooted in that of baptism.

"Consecration is the basis of religious life. By insisting on this, the Church places the first emphasis on the initiative of God and on the transforming relation to Him which religious life involves. Consecration is a divine action. God calls a person whom He sets apart for a particular dedication to Himself" (Essential Elements, 5).

Our Sisters bind themselves by vow to observe the three evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and to serve the poor, sick, and ignorant.

Lumen Gentium 5 states, "The bonds by which he pledges himself to the practice of the counsels show forth the unbreakable bond of union that exists between Christ and his bride, the Church. The more stable and firm these bonds are, then, the more perfect will the Christian's religious consecration be."