"Our charity should not be founded on mere human motives, but on supernatural ones."

Venerable Catherine McAuley

Vow of Poverty Vow of Chastity Vow of Obedience

The Vow of Service

A unique characteristic of the Institute of Mercy as founded by Venerable Catherine is the fourth vow of service to the poor, sick, and ignorant. "In the profession of this vow the Sisters of this Institute seal their desire to unite all of the dimensions of their lives in an act of conscious praise, mirroring ever more closely the image of Jesus who came to serve and so to reveal the Mercy of the Father" (Constitutions of the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, 31). In order to best serve the needs of the Church, the Sisters are educated in various professional areas.

Our Foundress, Venerable Catherine, had a deep love for the Church and for Christ's poor ones. The following media file is a portion of her advice on the importance of giving ourselves in service to the poor.

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