"The Master and Lord of our House and Home is a faithful provider. Let us never desire more than enough. He will give us that and a blessing."

Venerable Catherine McAuley

Vow of Chastity Vow of Obedience Vow of Service

The Vow of Poverty

Through the vow of poverty the Sisters share in the poverty of Christ who emptied Himself for their sakes. "He was rich but became poor for our sakes, emptying Himself and having nowhere to lay His head" (Essential Elements, 15). Religious must be poor in reality as well as in spirit.

"We who are consecrated to the Church, consecrated in Christ Jesus, must surrender everything and become completely reliant in faith on our heavenly Father and upon the Church. To the degree that we have emptied ourselves, we shall be filled with those blessings from the Church, from God the Father in Christ Jesus" (Meditation, Mother Mary Quentin Sheridan, Superior General, Sept. 15, 2005).

The Vow of Chastity

The Vow of Service