"When we come to religion, we make an entire offering of the remainder of our lives to God--our will, our humors, our inclinations. This offering in itself is so pleasing to God that He will reward the oblation with His grace, provided the offering is a generous, cheerful and unreserved one." Venerable Catherine McAuley

Every vocation is part of a divine plan. From all eternity, since we began to exist in the plan of the Creator, He also willed us to be "called." He prepared in us the gifts and conditions for the personal, conscious and opportune response to the call of Christ and of the Church. It is God Who loves us, Who is Love, Who calls us. "Vocation is, therefore, a mystery that man accepts and lives in the depths of his being" (Pope John Paul II, "The Meaning of Vocation"). Every man and woman is given a vocation, a unique call from God. It may be a vocation to married life, or to the single, consecrated life. It may be to the priesthood or to a religious vocation.

We do not have to be afraid of what vocation means because it comes from a Father who loves us.

Some Signs of a Call to Religious Life:

  • Persistent prodding of the Holy Spirit to choose Christ as first and foremost in one's life.
  • Desire to give all to Christ and to grow in love.
  • Desire to make the world holy through prayer and the works of mercy.
  • Realization that the good one is presently doing is "not enough."

If you would like to further explore the possibility of a vocation to the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Michigan, please contact: Sister Mary Andrea Lesko, RSM; Phone: (970) 319-0999 or at vocation@rsmofalma.org.

To download or print a Vocation brochure for the Religious Sisters of Mercy, Alma, MI, click here.