"We should be like the compass which goes round its circle without stirring from the center. . . . Our center is God, from whom all our actions should spring as from their source, and no exterior action should separate us from Him."

Venerable Catherine McAuley

As consecrated religious women, we are called to live our lives as a "continuous act of prayer and praise." Prayer is the primary activity of our Institute, and every activity, if it is to be realized as a work of Mercy, must be an expression of prayer. The Eucharistic Sacrifice is the heart of our life; our Sisters attend daily Mass with their local community. The community also celebrates together the Liturgy of the Hours. Each day begins with Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, and a period of Meditation. In the evening we gather for a common Holy Hour which includes Evening Prayer and the recitation of the Rosary; the day is concluded with Night Prayer.

"Religious life cannot be sustained without a deep life of prayer--individual, communal and liturgical. The religious who embraces concretely a life of total consecration is called to know the risen Lord by a warm, personal knowledge, and to know Him as One with whom he or she is personally in communion: 'This is eternal life: to know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent.' Knowledge of Him in faith brings love: 'You did not see him, yet you love him; and still without seeing him you are already filled with a joy so glorious that it cannot be described.' This joy of love and knowledge is brought about in many ways, but fundamentally, and as an essential and necessary means, through individual and community encounter with God in prayer." (Essential Elements, 28).