"If we become humble and sincere, God will finish in us the work He has begun."

Venerable Catherine McAuley

Two Sisters in Temporary Vows

"Responding to the call to dedicate their entire lives to God by a special consecration, rooted in that of Baptism and expressing it with greater fullness, the Sisters promise to observe the three evangelical counsels by the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. They witness thereby to the primacy of the love of God and find in the vows a constitutive source for faithful response to their Mercy vocation. The Institute's orientation to service within the Church and the specification of its charism of Mercy is contained in a fourth vow of 'service to the poor, sick, and ignorant' " (Constitutions, 9-10). Ordinarily the period of time between first profession and perpetual profession is five years. During this time of temporary profession, the Sister is involved in professional studies or work in a Mercy apostolate while intensifying her life of prayer and common life.