"Nothing disturbs the real happiness of a Religious, because she lives by faith."

Venerable Catherine McAuley

Canonical Novitiate

"The novitiate, by which life in the Institute begins, is ordered to this, that the novices better recognize their divine vocation and one which is, moreover, proper to the institute, that they experience the institute's manner of living, that they be formed in mind and heart by its spirit and that their intention and suitability be tested" (Canon 646). The first year of the novitiate is spent at the Motherhouse and includes scriptural, doctrinal, and spiritual instruction, indispensable to the development of a life of deep union with God and the understanding of religious consecration.

A new Novice receives her name in Religion

Second Year Novitiate

During the second year of novitiate, the novice participates in an apostolic mission of the institute and learns to integrate the professional and religious dimensions of her person. "During the novitiate, both the excellence and the possibility of a perpetual commitment in the service of the Lord will be brought out" (Directives on Formation, 55). At the completion of the novitiate the Sister may request to profess temporary vows.