"You have given all to God without reserve. Desire nothing but the accomplishment of His Will."

Venerable Catherine McAuley

God the Father initiates the call to religious life. When a young woman comes to know this call to give her life competely in love to God, she is drawn to follow a particular charism of a religious institute. "For each religious, formation is the process of becoming more and more a disciple of Christ, growing in union with and in configuration to Him. It is a matter of taking on increasingly the mind of Christ, of sharing more deeply His gift of Himself to the Father and His brotherly service of the human family, and of doing this according to the founding gift which mediates the Gospel to the members of a given religious institute" (Essential Elements, 7). The period of basic formation, prior to the profession of perpetual vows, is specified by the Church as an eight-year period, which can be extended if needed. During this time of religious, spiritual, and professional development, the Sister and the community mutually discern the call of the Father to this particular form of life. The period of basic formation is divided into stages of deepening commitment.

Our new Sister Postulants

Pre-Postulancy - An optional additional period of formation lasting up to one year, pre-postulancy provides time for personal growth through a more individual and less demanding formative relationship with members of the community.

Postulancy - A twelve-month period of initial formation begins each August 1. During this time a woman begins to live the common and spiritual life of the community and the genuineness of her call is mutually discerned.

Novitiate - At the beginning of the two-year novitiate, the Sister receives the habit and a religious name. She endeavors to live according to the spirit of the vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and service to the poor, sick, and ignorant.

Temporary Vows - First profession of vows inaugurates a new phase of formation, which is one of intensifying the integration of contemplative and apostolic activity. Vows are first taken for a period of three years, after which they are ordinarily renewed for another two years. The Sister may then request profession of perpetual vows.

Continuing Formation - The religious is not simply called and consecrated once. "The call of God and the consecration by Him continue throughout life" to its final consummation, when the religious meets the Lord definitively in death (Essential Elements, 44).