Statement of the Most Reverend Leo William Cushley, Archbishop of St. Andrews & Edinburgh

St. Andrew & Edinburgh's  Archbishop Leo Willima Cushley

"A woman religious is an inspiration to everyone around her, wherever she serves and whatever she does. She is a proof of the power of God's love present among us. She is an example of goodness and service. She is a sign of the humble, obedient gift of self of Christ on the Cross. She shows us by her very life that virginity and consecration to God are not only eminently possible, they are eminently desirable.

"In this way, she moves young women to bind themselves perfectly to poverty, chastity and obedience.

"In contrast to the world's very different priorities, women religious show us that goodness, purity and virtue are still worth striving for, and that the grace of God is always at hand to grow in a willing heart to build on the highest and best impulse: to give oneself perfectly to the loving service of others, for the sake of Jesus Christ."

+Leo Cushley
Archbishop of St Andrews & Edinburgh