"Zeal must also be humble."

Venerable Catherine McAuley

Our apostolate, as that of all religious, consists primarily in the witness of our consecrated lives. Flowing out of the charism entrusted to Venerable Catherine, we offer that witness in the service of the "poor, sick, and ignorant", predominantly in the areas of health care and education.

An essential characteristic of the charism of the Religious Sisters of Mercy is the way in which we are called to integrate the demands inherent in our call to higher education and professional excellence with the fullness of our vowed life lived in community. This process of integration creates a paradox which expresses itself in each Sister's striving for the highest level of professional performance while simultaneously imitating her Divine Spouse in humble obedience.

The tensions created by this paradox express themselves in the professional, psychological and spiritual demands that this life entails. Accordingly, each Sister is challenged to enter into a process of self-awareness leading to self-governance so that she can give herself freely and fruitfully in service to the poor, sick and ignorant.

As Jesus was sent by the Father to the Cross, each Sister is missioned through the heart of the authority of the community into carrying the cross of this paradox in faith, hope and love.

"Reflection on how difficult obedience is reveals our growth in battling doing what we want, which can be in opposition to doing the Will of God. Yet being a disciple includes a long process of learning to be a servant, completely surrendering oneself to the Lord, to the Will of God, and following that Will increasingly."

Mother Mary Quentin Sheridan, R.S.M., Superior General Emerita